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Horror at Home Gigs includes a link to expert online business tuition that is available within this Post > Make Money Today < This site also includes a link to the Traffic Marketplace TE etc. In addition, products in music creation and music production..where this site all began!

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User-friendly timer buttons remain static top left, not hopping from bottom to top of pages, again unlike some manual TEs!    Tag: Traffic Marketplace

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To digress to music..   Home Gigs to Stage Gigs: House concerts or home concerts are an increasing home income opportunity. Near historical York UK there`s House Concerts York.  House Concerts York are one of the more popular and established UK home concerts locations that are shown to be well organized. Well known names include members of Snow Patrol and the lyrically brilliant Razorlight. I`ve liked every Razorlight song.

519R3TknbYL._SL75_ <Home Record Playing Deck. “Best Turntable at the Price”. It`s affordable! As an afterthought, on the previous decline of vinyl records many amp manufacturers omitted the phono-stage needed for sound reproduction from vinyl. Thus you`ll needed  a hi-fi amplifier with a phono-stage as there`s insufficient gain from the aux sockets per-se – like listening to a cat`s whisker!
Otherwise add a separate phono pre amp (That`s my way as I use a Lehmann Black Cube pre-amp with separate power unit/IXOS Gamma 1002 – speaker cables.). Unless just planning to use headphones only, you`ll also need amp matching hi fi speakers.    I`ve covered this in more depth > here

516TAkw-CrL._SL75_    516epkBLX-L._SL75_    < Telepathic powers bestowed upon me tell me you`re curious. Kinda creepy isn`t it? > One Man Bands< Second in popularity> Keyboards

Home Concerts, through local and private invitations, there`s an  agreed share of ticket profits with the host. But there has been, and perhaps still is, a general concern expressed nationally in the UK over insufficient space related to the numbers of music followers attending home gigs.  PRS Guitars  51wSb3rVUTL._SL75_  Now includes far more affordable electric guitars.   51DqkUvGCGL._SL75_       510OgEvYjcL._SL75_ (1)    Home Gigs includes music creation and music production products for large or small, home or stage..  412z7lNxv2L._SL75_    51F23k234xL._SL75_     Products included are also enabling the complete building of a recording studio.  A Page is dedicated to learning and improving guitar playing.   518TZC44CXL._SL75_ (1)      41qWHnxTmSL._SL75_     Includes ideal recording software for gigs, music reproduction and music recording bundles. Create record and produce music from either side of the glass, home or stage!   61G+ny0NXRL._SL75_       51o2dYSbT4L._SL75_        51x8dP4WoLL._SL75_     Home Gigs has a whole Page is dedicated to either beginning guitar playing, or with an aim to improve guitar playing.  51mcOrZN-CL._SL75_ (1)       51bJzf1OtGL._SL75_ (2)      51n-tmCtxAL._SL75_  Everything is included to completely set up, play create and record your music! ( Ref:Quick Stats. Least successful Pages are currently “moth balled” in Trash! Mostly these related to drums/bongos also jazz art posters. Visitors surprise!)    51WLU3D9g0L._SL75_  41LJzMJZkXL._SL75_     51nG4dim9iL._SL75_ (2)     Begin guitar playing with an acoustic guitar or acoustic electric guitar, considered ideally suited for beginners to learn guitar. Also included is a page of information with the tools to help develop skills on the guitar.    41SGXqixv9L._SL75_ (9)    41hmJ3di4aL._SL75_ (1)  51QrTHtosaL._SL75_ (1) There`s DIY at home or for projects in mind with a wide choice from hollow body, violin shaped bass to V-style and much more.  51rn7PA8txL._SL75_ (10)     51kQrnH9d3L._SL75_     51kIi191+jL._SL75_ (3)      >Riff Master ProLearning To Play? Riff Master Pro Will “Instantly Slow Down Music Whilst Maintaining Pitch”.    As said above, little interest in acoustic budget drum and e-drum Pages, so they are at rest.

As this Page serves partly as a Home Gigs About Page, I`ll mention that I receive 4 or 6% commission off physical products sold through this site. In addition, I earn affiliate income from Clickbank info. I do not handle products, and do not have access to customers` home addresses or email addresses, other than those, where genuine, in my many WP comments.  Tag: traffic marketplace  >Twitter<  

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The Conversion Pros >TCP< Ever felt you promotions are diluted by poor capture pages and splash pages, these being extensively used in marketing promotions? A concern is that many of us are just see-sawing to and fro with these “same old” capture and splash pages. I have done it, and probably you have also.

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In addition there`s the TCP Marketing Suite with all tools having accompanying step-by-step training videos.. build a mobile website etc.. So nothing`s left to change.. The Conversion Pros even have a built in autoresponder (There`s a guide within TCP to the Aweber and GetResponse autoresponders also.).

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Make Money Today in W A

Make Money Today in Wealthy Affiliate University – go see.. > WA < online marketing answers – instant money making video tuition access. Wealthy Affiliate includes around 10,000 members! However, there`s nothing new under the sun..It was way back in stone age times people would learn to barter and exchange essential products, including food products, on a one-to-one exchange.   Tag: make money today

(Insert) Linked from the banner below.  “DownLine” up to 10(< no cost) 20 or 50 any or many traffic exchanges from a huge range, keeping them in one place-TECommandPost. This is a massive saving on time. Once your passwords are set, you`ll then have the additional advantage of accessing your chosen TEs immediately! Check it out at zero cost!

No doubt the fashion icons would pop down to local boutiques and barter for the latest in loincloths .. With many historical references to “cave men”, I just wonder how they found enough caves to go round.. Anyway, I further digress.

That`s not that unusual today as there`s websites around doing the same thing in household goods for example. If feeling philanthropic, there`s places where you can offer a cross section of surplus products to charities. Some supermarkets have public accessed bins for this purpose in the UK, and perhaps the states. Below, one of many banners that you can use with you promo link literally today! Go bang the gong.. or rally the troops, ref Henry 5th..

So we are all pretty much doing the same thing today, except transactions are increasingly electronic and online. There`s even a suggestion electronic transactions will at some time fully replace coins and notes.

However, it only more recently occurred to me (Doh) that a way to seriously earn more money is to initially promote the means to earn first and products second. I should have further recalled an old saying, “There`s none so blind as those who cannot see“.  That`s a little more from history added!

I haven`t seen statistics, but I fairly presumably everyone likes music and most people would like to earn more money (as opposed to exchanges for joints of beef as might have been way back..). So both fit comfortably in this site.. as does Wealthy Affiliate.

Within the means today comes Wealthy Affiliate`s state of the art hosting for up to 50 websites, along with video how to… guides and loads more! Whether you`d actually promote products on websites, or write about the world his wife and gold fish or not, the choice is yours.

There tones of niche marketing areas as you will see through the link, and tones of interests in the world to blog about, both from self experience and research. For example I recently covered a Post related to the resurgence of vinyl record interests.

I intentionally included mentions that will help researches, or for those looking to cheaply upgrade a record turntable. But with the right resources on a subject you could turn a passion into a complete website.

If you successfully promote the means-Wealthy Affiliate-you will make a generous commission as you`ll see through the link. This can begin literally today. Those you recruit will also have the choices also. So please do take a look through.

There`s around 10,000 members in Wealthy Affiliate. Strength is partly in the community and communication between members, for example Live Chat. Initially you can “look around” as a Starter member, build a couple of zero cost websites, immediately access many marketing videos and more. There`s no OTOs (one time offers) but at any time you can move to Premium level, access popular Live Chat, advanced tuition etc.

Online  marketing questions meet online marketing answers completely in Wealthy Affiliate!  Tag: make money today  >Twitter<


DIY Electric Guitars

Electric Guitar Kit Projects.. Here`s way to customize your guitar on the cheap: GuitarHippies.  Give Your Guitar A Quality Finish. Read Further Below..

41EvVlYMcxL._SL75_      51mKaeXUffL._SL75_      41phj4fE65L._SL75_      41cP-EVJGnL._SL75_ < Get the Rhoads V shape picture? Contrasting opinions on that Alston.  41rZOuBgZYL._SL75_       41WvNJr-AsL._SL75_     41Lh-c3GbpL._SL75_   41dwGk3duvL._SL75_   41bYa7kvKOL._SL75_    412aU1osyjL._SL75_    41R08+Fcg-L._SL75_    51lurea0RwL._SL75_    41fmgL57-PL._SL75_  Double Neck> 41tNVQ5rhQL._SL75_ (1)41MvatJmlEL._SL75_     51LEliwinSL._SL75_   41jsvFmWmaL._SL75_     41qLt8qW6cL._SL75_ (1)   SAGA>  51Y7WdP7Y7L._SL75_    51cH1za+cEL._SL75_   31DYdeKSv+L._SL75_ 41wrqQhRDfL._SL75_    BYO Guitar>  51mcOrZN-CL._SL75_ (2)    417uje+75LL._SL75_    TheFretWire> 41RjgY6es2L._SL75_4192R5MkdWL._SL75_    51eiwiG2pTL._SL75_    41K+uDl9ShL._SL75_    41n3aBw5E2L._SL75_      41+4wA7akTL._SL75_ (2)    51IAsPgvEJL._SL75_      51TcGSCoGXL._SL75_41Oo5euX44L._SL75_     41mndnwe1eL._SL75_    51gXJfeJpoL._SL75_    41lzcaKqWvL._SL75_    41Tt7W+lRiL._SL75_    410eaKytgEL._SL75_   51SJ5BgcdhL._SL75_  41wUL6p0e4L._SL75_     51nGwLtxD4L._SL75_   414MLkBsu-L._SL75_     41Kv3CwAZGL._SL75_    41GEpbe8SyL._SL75_    41sDysNSUDL._SL75_    41q5pjslGfL._SL75_411fQxqGsUL._SL75_ (1)    416kzWXzMWL._SL75_    5102NnK7n1L._SL75_                >Learn How To Increase Home Income with absolutely everything you need all encompassed here, including no cost quality hosting<

Electric Guitar Kit etc Guides> 516ysmEyncL._SL75_ (1)    51sTd3q3fML._SL75_   517IfNwoRCL._SL75_    41712Y8SGYL._SL75_    51Z++9nW75L._SL75_   51qbPHi3ZEL._SL75_ 51A7PC3MC7L._SL75_   51usm1GDgUL._SL75_   51fAJPU-a1L._SL75_ (1)     Brian May`s handmade guitar story. Internal link>51Xv7ttDz6L._SL75_ (7)

Electric Guitar Kit Projects: By building from an electric guitar kit it can be reasonably assumed you will have a quality electric guitar in parallel with guitars costing way ahead of your electric guitar kit outgoing costs. That will also include the final appearance of the guitar with whatever you choose to apply.   Ibanez Premium Multi-Tool for Guitars and Basses>   4141LDOSKeL._SL75_      Behlen Sunburst Guitar Finish Kit> 51KxNovfWPL._SL75_    On watching YouTube music videos I happened across B & G Handmade Guitars >BNG are a presumably small concern specializing in hand built electric guitars. Whilst this link included here is not intended as a guide to building from an electric guitar kit, it does give an insight into what can be achieved following along from an electric guitar kit with more extensive tools.   51y+NJijXXL._SL75_ (1) < Cigar Box Guitars: Ultimate DIY guide for the makers and players of the handmade music revolution.  I will admit I have never felt the need to build an electric guitar, even from an electric guitar kit. However, it`s what it sometimes implied by what I read of the final finish that leaves me mildly shuddering! If putting a lot of care into building a guitar surly it should have a quality look on completion. I read of people pretty much just applying a layer of paint.

41L0fB4EowL._SL75_ < A Suggested School Guitar Project.  Whilst I`ve never built a guitar I have had many years of DIY within wood finishes. Should you take building from an electric guitar kit seriously, I strongly advise you join Hand Made Music Clubhouse here  and put off the final finishing touch for a while. This is assuming you are not skilled in wood finishing. Here you`ll find many musician devoted to building musical instruments and playing same. You may well see a  wood finish from an image of a guitar that you like.

41GEpbe8SyL._SL75_ (1)   41JdnKKXtML._SL75_ (1)   519dsj6VJ0L._SL75_   21RtTb6k19L._SL75_  51OmgQTJAEL._SL75_   41EuPK6Hy2L._SL75_ <Left Hand Electric Guitar Kits. As always left handed guitarists are considered in Gigs as much as is possible.

Otherwise my suggestion is to pop along to a carpenters or wood yard and spend a little by buying a piece of dry new wood that best matches the wood used within your electric guitar kit..It might not be the same wood but will have the shade of wood and matching grain of the one in the electric guitar kit.

51mcOrZN-CL._SL75_ (1)  417uje+75LL._SL75_ <Strat Electric Guitar Kit (2).    By this means you can experiment with different paints stains or varnish, giving yourself an excellent idea as to the final finish to your (to you) priceless new guitar! If varnish is the choice, I`d avoid gloss because gloss varnish doesn`t dry with a gloss-even appearance in my experience.. and gloss just looks cheap. Satin gives an excellent finish, but my preference would be for a matt finish as matt looks to have ”depth”. Unlike many paints that can be mixed, it`s not advisable to mix varnishes together.   51nGwLtxD4L._SL75_< Bellow V-style, a wide choice of electric guitar kit offered by TheFretWire within 25 kits, e.g. 12 string and violin shaped bass guitar kit. Probably a new co, I hadn`t heard of them, but well liked so far – good stocks.

You could use a neutral clear varnish, that will help ensure the wood grain is visible, but varnish comes in many shades. There`s varnish intended just as a first coat. Don`t rely too much on the store`s varnish color guide chart, e.g. oak etc, because the finish will depend on the wood reaction upon which varnish is applied! Also best not to make a mistake and buy varnish intended for outdoors. Weather resistance gives it a slightly gummy being more flexi to reduce the adverse effects of weathering.

Now here`s a cool guitar finish seen within an early Led Zeppelin recording. At one stage within the recording you can pause to give a better look at the guitar.

Apply a thin even layer first as a base. Once fully dried after your night`s sleep you could add perhaps just one further coat evenly, but within reason there`s no limit to applications. However the “secret” is to apply several very thin coats leaving each to fully dry before adding the next. Applications to your reference wood first will give you a guide.

If using a paintbrush use a quality one at about ½ inch to 1 inch width with fine bristles, e.g. Harris. The latter quality brushes helps avoid brush streaks. As is said of old, don`t spoil the ship for a hapeth of tar.. The same application process applies with painting. To further help avoid streaks running the brush across, not along, the previous brush lines where possible. Following these last to paragraphs you will have a wood finish that will look like a quality professional finish.

The guitar kits included below are shown as in fair stock (It`s the word, “only” that`s alien to me, but ok with, “more on the way”..) with some reviews by electric guitar kit building enthusiasts.

There`s some perfect guitar amps> here to compliment your electric guitar building project. Starting with the Pyle Pro electric guitar kit.  So.. now not only finish off your guitar`s appearance but re-varnish the home furniture while you are on a roll! Gigs rocks!     >Twitter<    >HomePage<                                                             Tag: Electric Guitar Kit