WordPress From The Start With Your Domain Name. If considering blogging it is far better to have your own domain name, for example, not shared with the host provider. if I use a website as a furhter example, something like- http:// [your name] would be of almost no value in the search returns.

Go through page listings yourself to see how many shared domain names you will find… Of course you might use them in socials. Forget directories, most everyone else does!

Below is linked a WordPress From The Start Beginners` Video Course That Will Cost You about As Much As A Takeaway Pizza! Why So Cheap? Well, I Will Explain Further Below, But If You Are In A Hurry, Here Is Your Link. Takes a Moment To Load Image>

Unless selecting your domain name for an organisation, or geo specific location, best keep with .com.  Do not penny pinch by buying any of the many dot this-and-that domain names that are springing up!

However. a really cheap domain name might be ok if creating a website just for offline purposes, e.g. to promote a local club in paper poster form! Again, you might also consider social linking.

Getting around to WordPress: All the mentions of themes and plugins etc, could be overwhelming, particularly for those new to looking into blogging but wondering how to begin their own blog/s.

WordPress from the start

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Well very inexpensive help is at hand! From the link below you can immediately access a stack on online WordPress beginner videos. These tuition videos will take you right from beginning WordPress. WordPress itself is no cost, plus many WordPress themes are no cost, oh and many plugins are, you `ve  guessed it, no cost!

Domain names are cheap, about 12/15 dollars a year.. that`s unless you buy a quality ready domain name, e.g. with clean history. You can pay monthly for hosting if you prefer.

So you can cheaply set up searchable way than using a no cost blogging systems. However, for example, if also using G+, you can link your blog in this no cost system with support copy. I have done this several times. The result of this is that I then appered on UK page one a few hours on!

Anyway, back to the WordPress from the start beginners` tuition course. The whole comprehensive video stack will cost you about as much as a takeaway pizza, or few beer tins, whatever is your the saying goes.

So, as aforesaid,  you might be wondering why the complete and comprehensive videos are so inexpensive. You see, many marketers in online businesses are building emailing lists. To get us on there side of a mailing list, as it were, they often offer something they feel will be of value to you, either it will be very cheap or at no cost.

In return for accessing the WordPress video tuition, you will likely be asked to join Cedric`s mailing list. You absolutely don`t have to do, but if you do you can unsubscribe at any time. Like me Cedric is quite laid back, so it`s unlikely you will be bombarded with emails!

Think of where it could lead, e.g. a WordPress plugin to begin a music followers` mailing list, should you be into music.  There  are literally thousands of WordPress plugins, some will be very useful, for example within music alone.   Shaun A Leggott – -> Twitter

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