Learn guitar building experience to expert level. Expert guitarists also started with a similar learning approach, but at higher cost. As software, this method is no longer limited in availability.. far cheaper and more convenient than before!

With A Choice From  Countless Action Videos To Learn Guitar Faster.  New video motion analysis allows you to create segments and learn from the actions within the videos either in music or sports. For example use any choice of video where playing a guitar or where there are action sports.  With video motion analysis you can, slow down to 25% of the original, speed up, loop, transpose, zoom and freeze video frame by frame. 25 training videos, this is the 1st.

So video motion analysis software can not only be used for learning guitar, but for example, in improving sports performance..or both! In the past some of today`s leading guitarists have used video motion analysis as they progressed to expert guitarist level. Here is the link>

Likewise, some of today`s professional sports and athletics competitors use, or have used, video motion analysis. However, the presentation within the link relates to learning, or further learning the guitar faster than before! It is also a guitar or sports teaching tool.
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Up until now video motion analysis was the reserve of the few, limited both in location and cost.. From here you do not have to pay the cost that musicians and sports people paid in the past. This software, for use on either Windows and Mac, is designed with home users in mind, thus it is easy to navigate along. There`s also guides, plus excellent support should you have a query not clarified within the 25 training for use videos..
Further, consider it following and improving drumming technique. I`m not a drummer, but if you check it out you will know, as a drummer, if it will be of advantage to you. This is a multi purpose learning software.
It includes what it is called the sniffer.. This allows the user to download videos from Youtube for manipulation. Youtube is known to change parameters at times. This is takes this into account, thus it will be updated to take into account changes as they happen. In general, many of us know how annoying it can be when faced with unexpected changes in online services.
This new video motion analysis software is thus marketed towards anyone using video media for teaching, coaching and of course learning.  As said, it allows users to both capture, slow down or speed up, loop, zoom and freeze video frame by frame, transpose/save etc. So you have complete control no matter how fast the original recording.
It can even slow the tempo beyond the usual 25% of the original speed. People who have more limited use of fingers should find this an advantage. It can also be considered as a finger and hand exercise, at the same time as learning to play.  However it can also speed up beyond 100% of original. I can`t see how the latter is advantageous. Perhaps for e competing gamers?
  There is a guide, including the quick start guide e.g. to become familiar with the selection icons available on the top of the screen, this provided by drop down menu.
It can open and viewed in most of the common video file formats. Shaun A Leggott | musiccoverstoo @ > Twitter < Images in Horror at Home Gigs are licensed thro Adobe. So please do not copy or Adobe might sent red eyed rottweilers after you..



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