Student Homes all: Student homes are associated with colleges of course, but not necessarily so. There`s so much going on in online marketing form student homes or college that it is an ever a learning curve for all within online marketing.

I guess marketers will not admit to living in student homes, but not all knowledge dispersed through video or copy is from people  who are actively involved withing the subject in which they speak, or write. Some are very clever at adding conviction! For example there is the convenience of curation.  

However, a proven way to successfully build business online is to use a traffic funnel. Now this method of introduction has been around for years now. Online marketing course sometimes include an emphasis on the use of traffic funnels.

In doing so they offer a product, or products that are either zero cost, or cost very little. In fact a entire course can be epitomized into introducing a traffic funnel. The rest of a course built around it..

But let`s not put the cart before the horse as it were. We all need quality traffic to our offers, i.e. people that are serious about business and not casual passers by. The latter might be those who see your site within traffic exchanges, but are there to earn a few dollars a week.. maybe. I feel traffic exchanges have more value if what if offered is unique, not from being an affiliate. Enter unique capture pages – see below!

So lets look beyond traffic exchange to many ways that quality traffic will be reached. Do consider a trial accessing a complete marketing suite for one dollar. Within the marketing suite is probably the best capture page building system in the world.


You can access a related “Scary!!” webinar here, and full suite here for your dollar trial here (Alternative link). If later you don`t find it`s for you, you can easily cancel. There`s no jumping through hoops like some set-ups!

If think you will like seeing the creation of the email capture page! It`s a Halloween theme, but it can be anything you like to suit you interests with a huge range of templates.. student homes or not.

In case you are new to traffic funnels please note that though images you might see suggest so, there`s no funnel as a physical product. Imagine a funnel and fill it like one!

Cast to the net by offering a product of quality, today this will be assumed as digitally downloadable, e.g. a no cost However, it`s more likely aims to present “unmissable” information related to marketing online. My category is within online dating, but I will mention more on it later.

So your visitors then enter their email address to receive the details. Once they opt-in with their emails, immediately the details you offer will be sent to the email address they provided. This is through autoresponder. So in this you will be building your email list.

Should they not wish further information they can opt-out at any point. Otherwise you will be able to offer additional products of higher value. Thus building a wider funnel.

A perfect service to begin your traffic funnel might be Raining Dates. Raining Dates is proving successful for me, in fact more so than the marketing suite linked above! This suggest more people are into the very low cost online dating aspect of Raining Dates as opposed to marketing!

To further benefit I will be using a traffic funnel shortly. Online dating is a multi billion dollar turnover industry right now. There`s also many products available associates with adult personal relationships.. Some might limit us in both hosting and advertising…

 Now show your cheese! Set up a Profile – join the Agency. The total cost ideally suited to starting a traffic funnel will be >>19.99<< that`s $9.99 for SIX months as a Raining Dates Agent and $10 a year for your activated Profile.

As this is introduced the processes will be seen within the many training videos provided in Raining Dates. On joining you`ll have the additional opportunity to promote within many countries.

Shaun A Leggott – Twitter – musiccoverstoo @  tag: student homes