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T-Shirts Announce You`re In A Band


Music T-Shirt Designs: The Just Ask awesome range of unique music t-shirts. One of the images reads I`M IN A BAND GIGGING – JUST ASK That is simple and clear! The second has a claw holding an orange globe.

Male-Gigging On Bright BlueKids-I`m In A Band Lime

It omits, “gigging’. In this instance, lighter color music t-shirts will stand out for Tubers! This apparel (including pullover hoodies) is only obtained from my online store for custom orders! Worldwide Shipping.

Music T-Shirt Designs

Worldwide Shipping


Choose Within 70 Music Custom T-shirts In Different Colors!

Guys, Gals & Kids

Of course, you do not have to be in a band, but you might know guys, gals, and kids that are! In fact, you can also be related to the message within solo artists, backing, and management. Remember, these music t-shirt designs are only obtained from my store


The only limit to worldwide shipping is the availability of services provided by our payment and courier partners in a country. Within the UK you can have your new music t-shirt for rapid delivery if ordered in the week before three pm. 

So let your shirt announce for you by the tacit message as you go about town or city. With a worldwide distribution that is just about anywhere in the world! Get more concert bookings, make more money, entertain more people.. or gain an orange Tuber presence!


You`ll not see any of these full shirt designs on store hangers or anywhere in Walmart! You will stand out because, particularly in view of being new this 2018, with consideration to the countless bands in music around, wearing one of these shirts in 2018 could excuse people from thinking it`s your brand. if you go for the orange globe, particularly on lighter colors t-shirts, they will look pretty rad in Tube as said!  


The t-shirts and other apparel included, e.g. hoodies, are made from certified organic cotton within an ethically credited renewable energy powered factory. Organic cotton is better for the producers and the ecosystem in which it is produced.

This all helps give your t-shirts a “soft feel”. The fields that grow the organic cotton for the products are in the North of India. Here the monsoons fill reservoirs that supply almost all the water needed! The gathered bolls of organic cotton are trucked from the farms to the ginning house where they are separated out into the useful fibers which are sent to be spun.


The t-shirts are shipped all over the world! About 70% of the carbon emissions from a t-shirt happen during the in-use phase, which to us non-scientists means simple washing and drying! For this reason, customers are asked to wash cool and hang dry. That`s not essential, but it makes a difference when you study the whole life cycle.

Shaun A Leggott has offered online support for newer bands in music as well as solo artists. The few CDs and 12” vinyl record covers seen here within> Twitter are part of a larger collection. These go back to the 60s, but a large part, in different genres, is from within the 70s music period.

Images seen herein, including t-shirt images, are licensed, please do not copy.  Shaun A Leggott 

musiccoverstoo@gmail.com  |  MusicalRoots@Vivaldi.net Twitter   tag: music t-shirt designs.  hg

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