Horror At Home Gigs includes a very diverse range of mainly physical products. Depending on category, the products relate to creating your perfect atmosphere for your fun-horror parties! In addition, there are many and diverse DVDs. Also, you can actually create haunting sounds that are used in several horror movies. 

Several categories include appropriate music. This includes Five Finger Death Punch music, hoodies, pants and t-shirts, plus some reading! For the fun horror enthusiasts in general, there `s many products that will change the ambience of your home, e.g bathroom and shower, bedroom etc..

The exclusive keyword list, as mentioned above the Home Page, includes links to all the categories, so there is no point in addressing it further here. At risk of upsetting the Mighty G (Well, there `s socials as an alternative..), the keyword list is almost duplicated and appears here as a page and also as a Post. 

At 6/01/2018 there are 150 categories with over 3000 products. It is possible, e.g. through a typo error that a keyword will not link. But a random check seems to suggest all is fine..

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It might be that you have already noticed that I have my own online “paper”.. well papers actually! It is no big deal as they are easy to created and of no cost. Pro is available at $9 m/o or pay annually, but quite honestly I `d recommend going Pro for one, but for two or more I think one at Pro is enough! That is subjective of course. Here is my horror link>

Do one Pro and you can add links as I do. I even have a Paper li for beer cheese! once the header (and maybe sub header) is setup, Paper li will add content for you, then often refresh copy.. As with other areas of artificial intelligence, it does not get everything right. but it is still a good read.. 

Back to categories: The featured images used over the many categories can only approximately match the content. My library has its limitations!  Shaun A Leggott > Twitter

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