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Following many cover music artists, original recording music artists and full concerts in YouTube. So, though I have included links to a new visual learning software elsewhere here-in, I thought I would relate this Post to cover music artists and original song recording artists.
Cover music artists appear to be increasing thus making money from home this 2017 update. Having followed music literally for several decades – Twitter new window. I predict more music cover artists will also be using the latest software and hardware to produce exciting music covers.
From what I have seen, I`d suggest it is sometimes a difficult balance between recording and promoting. This not least because few, particularly cover music artists, will have the ready dough to employ music marketing managers and publicity agent.
So here is a couple of further ways that will cost you little. From here you will gain more interest in you music recordings. Firstly WordPress: Yes, I guess many will say they “know” WordPress or of course, of WordPress. However, are you taking full advantage of it, or any advantage of it? Fear not, it will not be difficult to build with WordPress. Link>
Thus above is a video introduction to said WordPress that will cost you… yes, around couple of Cokes! It will take you through WP from the beginning as you step-up through the videos.
Being a comprehensive video course there`s no nasty surprise upsell re the actual video course. However, there is a follow on option for those looking to get more visitor traffic to their interests.
I strongly recommend you use Paper. li by going Pro at the off (No, I am not an affiliate) as I feel what is then offered will be more essential to you. It will only cost you 9 dollars m/o, but you can save by paying annually. I will not cover Paper li in extensive details here. It is already covered in another Post here-in. 
You can create an online newspaper in Paper li in minutes. It is that easy.. But to most reflect accuracy within your music interests or business, it will take a little while to get the “Daily…” content right, being that you back hit or click. Finally publish when you are ready! You can change the Header copy and Sub copy later if you wish. I doubt it will effect the daily auto refreshed content.
There is no reason to add your news content, you can`t..That will be set up at the off. Paper li will refresh content for you, it refreshes every day.. automatically! But importantly you can add your link/s, then add your own Paper li e-paper it in socials or link in websites, e.g. WordPress! Here is the WP video tuition link again..
The only reason I do not include my Paper li here is because I could not find a way of removing some from Twitter! In the end I canceled that Paper li account, but have just set up another Paper li online paper. Elsewhere within (and in many other WordPress websites),  I have also covered a software introduced in 2017 named Video Surgeon.
I cannot say I like the name of the software (misleading). However, here is a few further notes. Video Surgeon is a video motion analysis software that you can download from above. It is available in both Windows and Mac applications.
Fundamentally many people in many walks of life are into a diverse range of hi-action video, most of course are at no cost and immediately available to watch, or personally use, from YouTube. Thus video motion analysis is a great learning or teaching software. Apply videos of choice that utilize video skills. Learn from the experts at your pace. If you are a teacher you could tailor videos to suit you student levels.
Here we are of course considering both music, being chord musical instruments, but also sports in all ages. The software is designed for home use and includes 25 software support videos, plus support staff. So in this it will also be ideal for use in clubs and other organizations.
As this Horror at Home Gigs com is partly about making more money, I will further mention that you can earn fro promoting Video Surgeon. You will need to create a no cost account with Clickbank, should you not have one already. 
This could well be to your advantage as many musicians I guess in general can target an audience, e.g both musicians and fans alike. Of course you can include both Paper li and WordPress sites within your promotions. Good luck!    
Relatively small acoustic home concert are also on the increase, but there is a caveat I will mention below.  In addition to online marketing, including social online marketing, I welcomed music cover artists and other followers into my Twitter following.
As I`ve said, to the point of maybe becoming monotonous.. as long as it is reasonably family friendly, e.g. 5FDPs level OK. I`m sure Five Finger Death Punch would be duly flattered… like not!
Speed Learning Guitar! Progress More Quickly Visually With This Hot New Software. Software Elaboration >Here)
To Have House Gigs, You Need Houses!  House concerts, acoustic concerts, unplugged home concerts..whatever..merge to be a great way to help pay the mortgage, even the rent if you have an agreeable landlord. Tag: music cover artists
But for home concerts, it`s a socially musical active home business opportunity few will have home capacity or facilities to consider. There`s also a noteworthy caveat I`ll mention later below.   As interest grows in house gigs it will surely follow that, at local or national level, issues will be raise over health and safety during concerts.
Who takes responsibility if someone becomes injured?  We face risks times over each day, but with home concerts are the risks carefully calculated?
It might seem un-cool but, to use a cliche, better safe than sorry in more ways that one. We hear of horror at home gigs happening (See, it influenced this domain name..) when there`s no insufficient space to accommodate for numbers arriving and hoping to attend. This has occurred because of advertising through social media. Organizers underestimated attendance.
Music followers were under the understanding they were going to concerts perhaps the size of a typical concert hall or Knebworth Park UK. On arriving they couldn`t attend due to limited capacity. Understandably perhaps, particularly if traveled from out of the area, it caused a lot of disgruntlement and anger.
As a result, it was advised on national news here in the UK, to keep house concert advertising at a local level or private. But It is not for everyone, perhaps many, who have the home capacity and facilities, would probably not wish to undertake arranging acoustic concerts from home as an income opportunity.
Being a home dwelling there`s limitations related to musical instruments of course, otherwise the vicinity could well be up-in-arms over decibel levels! So these increasingly popular events are limited to being  unplugged concerts, to use an umbrella term!
To the uninitiated here it goes like this: Example ways musicians make money is to perform in someone’s home or home located building, but usually a larger than usual lounge should it be within the UK. In the US some privately attended concerts are also held in what are considered suitable apartments. tag: cover music artists
They could also be held in an outdoor area, e.g. some are held in barns. So barns are not just the reserve of music jamborees and barn dances across Kentucky for example…For those who offer their home to local promoters, or who organize their own concerts, do well organized when organized carefully. They are proving very successful.
These smaller music performance venues are not just limited to home environments though, or lesser known musicians. Countless well known band have performed unplugged concerts. Razorlight and also The Pixies come immediately to mind. More recently Twenty One Pilots have performed one or more acoustic sets.
To digress: All the physical products within music have been… rested for now – 2016. As an after thought I felt that the musicians who take playing music very seriously go along to the bigger stores, e.g. Gak if UK, and get some practice in on guitars or drums. It appears rather like an empathy between sales staff and customers. Any lower it would be trailing on the ground.. WordPress Tuition>
Shaun A Leggott >Twitter  musiccoverstoo @ gmail.com   Most images in Horror at Home Gigs are licensed so do not copy. If you do, Adobe will be chasing you! Tag: cover music artists
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