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The website builder, Shaun A Leggott observes ready copy related to each karaoke music video entry to avoid infringing any music copyright. I do not own any of the videos included in Horror at Home Gigs.

Generally both individuals and groups, who create videos, look for several ways to become further know. e.g. request likes in socials and often leave a choice of contact details, also subscribe requests.

Horror at Home Gigs therefore provides an added vehicle for music videos, in this inctance related to horror music, to become better know.

The links that are included with the videos, e.g. Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram etc, remain with the videos. Unfortunately some videos include scant contact details. In turn we both lose because I am then unable to optimize a Post to relate to search engnes.  

It is unlikely objections will be raised related to the music videos included in Horror at Home Gigs for the reasons given earlier above.

However, if there are any valid objections to one or more links, please send an email to Shaun A Leggott –

On the other hand, I am always looking to build copy. Some of the inclusions as said, have only little copy. if you have further related details, you might care to send the copy to me, I will then spin an` mix before including it under the appropriate music video!

Search engnes are only one means of attracting visitors. However, ideally I need a 300 word minimum in total copy under each video. If you feel it of mutual benefit, then do send me a link, or links, to any copy you feel will be useful.

Please state the video to which the copy relates. Also please avoid upper CASE, if not already in ready copy.

I spend time changing it to lower case, if not it will just look misplaced and ugly. The ugly adjective being a personal opinion! However,  you are now possibly thinking that some of Horror At Home Gigs is in unnecessary upper case in the headers here and there.. I will agree, but that is down to the theme I am using!    

Most on the music video inclusions relate directly to horror karaoke. here are my contact details: Shaun A Leggott >Twitter< Email:

Please note. The images I personally include within copy are licensed through Adobe. Please do not copy and paste. The Adobe hounds have a bite!

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