KARAOKE STORE & Beer Cheese Spread – Sufficient Quantity For A Home Gigs Gathering!


First Off Spreadable Beer Cheese. It might be an unusual talking point within home gigs! knew it existed and understook it was created in Italy. Here is a link to sufficient quantity for home gigs. If you use a nin tracking browser or otherwise an add blocker in, e.g. Chrome you will not have access. I know, it is soo irritating when listening to music in Tube only to be interupted! But of course you can turn the blocker off temporarily. Link ok in Firefox.

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Several years ago, relating to literally horrors at home gigs, the Horror At Home Gigs com featured references to situations that turned ugly through lack of foresight and human understanding! Hence the domain name.

Hopefully all those arranging home concerts and house concerts (same difference..) today can relate people to the more limited capacity lounges and out buildings provide.

Thus not to over advertise in various social media. Like, wouldn`t you be annoyed if traveling for an hour of more to a location expecting a concert hall, then finding a sardine style packed lounge where you had no chance of entry?..

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